What Your Preferred form of Social Media Says About You

Facebook:It’s really important to me that everyone always knows what I’m doing, who I’m doing it with, and how to contact me at all times. Also my opinions on politics, popular culture, and all things obnoxious are super doper valuable. I’ll probably invite you to a lot of shit that we both know you’re not into. I say things like,”I am SO Facebooking that”, and “That is going to be my next status.”

Instagram:I have an interesting life which I like to document.I eat a lot of brunch which obviously I must ”Instagram”. (Also, I use instagram as a verb) I got a Canon Rebel for Christmas, but I’ve never taken it out of auto mode. I have long hair and I love to drink tea. I take a lot of pictures of my feet while holding a Starbucks cup.

Flicker:I am legitimately talented and Wish to share my work with others. Except everyone is too stupid to figure out how to use it.

Pinterest:I LOVE GLITTER. I can’t wait to have four precious little J. Crew model babies. I never bake but I love to look at pictures of cupcakes. l will save any recipe that require a crockpot (and maybe make one… one day). I collect quotes about love,independence, and feeling sexy.

Tumblr:I am shy and sensitive, I probably love cats. No one truly understands me, except that one guy-the one who hurt me two years ago-, but he’ll never pick me over that hot girl, but I’m ok with that because I’m more thoughtful and deep than she’ll ever be. than she’ll ever be.. I have dark hair, and I love to reblog moody quotes about wanting to sleep forever,drink coffee, and chainsmoke. I wear big sweaters and claim to love being single.

Polyvore:I fucking love fashion. I Wear big scarves and boots.

Twitter:I am fucking hilarious, and people tend to agree. so hilarious, in fact. that I need a medium in which I can publically express my spontaneous hilarity. Either that or I have zero opinions of my own and spend my time looking forquotes about achieving your dreams.


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