Thoughts on Pinterest..

Now that Pinterest is so effing popular, everyone with a vagina thinks that they are suddenly compelled to craft and create. Because of Pinterest there are people out there who are now making their own deodorant, laundry detergent, tooth paste, YOGURT (sidenote:the thought of homemade yogurt makes me big time gag). For some reason everyone has boards dedicated to crafts they will probably not complete. And there are tonnnns of ‘crafts’ that are basically bored women’s cries of help: if you feel the need to paint, ruffle, decoupage, bedazzle and/or glitter every inch of everything, you are probably in need of at least mild therapy. I’m talking about the DIY’s that are basically: 1. By something ugly from wal mart or the dollar store 2. CRAFT THE SHIT OUT OF IT (i.e. cover in chalkboard paint, mod podge and pictures, paint it Tiffany’s blue, add sparkles)3. Now it looks like something ugly that you decorated. Are you proud of yourself now?





  1. Notes From The Backseat

    My sister-in-law keeps telling me I need a Pinterest account. I’ve always been crafty. I was a DIY Diva long before Pinterest and I will be long after the internet has eaten the Pinterest URL and coding. I get it from my mother, the fourth of five children to a divorced mother, she had to be crafty with hand-me-downs if she wanted to be herself and I grew up doing it. To me, Pinterest is virtual hoarding. Seriously, I’m convinced that without dozens of Pinterest boards, some of these people would end up on an episode of “Hoarders” or “Intervention” lol

    • chelseafranz

      I totally agree! As a fairly creative individual (pre Pinterest) I feel like Pinterest forces some generic form of crafting on the masses.. Also there is a lot of stupid nonsense on there. You would be surprised to see how quickly the comments on a recipe for cake can turn into a full on fight. You should check out or, it sounds like you would appreciate them 😉

      Also, thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I really appreciate it

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