I’m Afraid to Reread the Harry Potter Series..

When the books originally came out I was like thirteen at the time (hold shit…really?). I devoured the first four or five. Literally, read as much as I could whenever I could. I finished the fourth one in two days. I’ve always been a bookworm, so Rowling’s words were like crack to me. I wasn’t one of those kids who dressed up and waited in line at Barnes & Noble (RIP bookstores) at midnight, or dress up and get super into it all. I just fell in love with the books, the words; not the characters.
I remember finishing the second book and being utterly depressed that quidditch, Hogwarts, none of it was real. It was the first time that I can remember a work of literature causing me to have an emotional reaction. I spent days mourning the loss of this world that had become so tangible to me. I didn’t even finish the series.

Now, nine years and an English degree later, I desperately want to read the entire series start to finish. But I am legitimately afraid that it will propel me into an inconsolable, irrational spiral of depression.



  1. Kialtho

    I think being older you’ll view them with a difference that you wouldn’t have had when younger, I certainly feel that way when I re-read them… But to be fair I made it to book 3 and left it at London Gatwick airport which was a bit silly, and put a downer on the whole re-read.

    That being said, you should definitely read them again, because its not just the magic of Harry’s life and the world that Rowling created. It’s the whole experience, from what you mentioned earlier to what it foes to your life 🙂

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