What I Would Like to Tell High School Me:

  • jesus christ, lighten up.
  • seriously.. it’s only high school. don’t take yourself too seriously. because eventually you will learn to stop giving two fucks and realize that it is way more awesome.
  • the “popular kids” can go fuck themselves. stop giving a shit what anyone will think, especially them. i mean it.
  • stop dressing like that. t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are not acceptable consistent wardrobe choices
  • have more fun: sneak out, stay out late more, go to parties
  • talk to the weird kids: they will end up being really cool in a few years and they are always more fun.
  • also you’re weird too. so stop trying to make sure no one notices you and start doing what you want to do. remember at the end of senior year when your ‘How To’ video project was “How to Become a Poke Master”? do more cool shit like that.
  • skip class every once in a while: go get lunch, smoke some weed
  • when bryan takes you to prom for the first time, have some balls and kiss him.
  • start writing more. you like it so do it.  that is all they will fucking talk about when you get a degree in creative writing–write every day–so go ahead and start doing it because you aren’t and awesome a writer as you may think. also, you’ll be able to laugh at what a whiney little bitch you were as a teenager.
  • don’t be a pussy and talk to the people you have class with. just because you don’t really know them doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to speak.
  • remember: high school is bull shit. none of it will matter the second you get that diploma, so fuck what everyone else thinks and just have fun (i mean also, graduate and shit).


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