Ok I can agree that Pinterest, when used properly, can be kind of awesome. But why do you need a copycat Olive Garden chicken alfredo recipe*??

Whenever I come across a copycat Olive Garden chicken alfredo recipe, or one for Applebee’s mashed potatoes, or chicken, I side with the Europeans a little bit more.
There is no need to replicate these generic, heinously unhealthy, bland recipes in your home. And you can probably find something better to spend your money on when you go out…I just don’t see what is so special about the mass produced chain restaurants. They seem to specialize in pleasing the pickiest of eaters. A place where you can bring the kids and the teenagers and everyone will find something they can tolerate. You go to these places when you are hungry for…food. You are not sure what you want, and usually there s someone super picky in the group who suggests something like Ruby Tuesdays. Always claiming that the on endear their house is really good. They are thrilled with the myriad of plain and unremarkable choices, contemplate ordering the drink special (a 32oz. sugar, alcohol, and food coloring shit storm served in a glass that you get to keep) while you frown at them from across the table.
Why would one purposely concoct an alfredo sauce as mediocre as Olive Garden’s, or Red Lobster? I’ll save yo some time. To achieve the level of authentic Italian cuisine that gourmet establishments such as these strive for, take your ass to the grocery store, buy LITERALLY ANY JAR or alfredo sauce that you see.
Just like the real thing.
*There are some exceptions to this ruling however. LIke, Olive Garden does have some ballin breadsticks; I would punch a baby for some Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits (chill. it would have to be a lottttt of them); the Bloomin Onion is an unholy spawn of the devil and Paula Dean’s wet dreams, but fuck if you don’t devour any that is placed on your table. Some chain restaurants are totally killin it with one, seemingly insignificant, item. And that shit is totally worth trying to mass produce from the privacy of your own home–where no one will judge you when you eat the whole tray of cheddar biscuits, like you always want to when you’re at the restaurant.


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